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      Corporate Identity Logo

      The corporate identity logo consists of letters “H” and “L”, which are the initials of the company. 
      The dominant tone of light green is color of leaves. The green “H” represents vitality and health, implying infinite spirit and endless energy. 
      The golden “L” represents dragon, which is a main totem of Chinese culture. Dragon is the spiritual bond of national unity, the core of Chinese culture, and an important symbol of the common consciousness and common values. The design concept of a dragon held its head up shows our determination of applying creativity, working hard, pulling together and progressing steadily. The national spirit will be transformed into the driving force of progress as well as the outstanding productivity. With our dedicated professional quality, we will pursue innovation, excellence, rapid progress and long-term development.
      The letters and symbols make the logo form a circle, implying the business characteristics of Hangzhou Dragonpharm Co., Ltd.: quality as the core, customer satisfaction as the orientation. We concentrate on building a global reach professional medical service platform that roots in China. 
      The structure of the logo is coherent and holistic, and it represents our team spirit that is harmony, innovation, unity and struggle.
      The overall style of the logo is: close, united, positive and progressive.

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      Room No.:1001, Huahong Mansion No.1 Building 238 Tianmushan Road,Hangzhou, China E-mail:commercial@dragonpharm.com.cn Tel:86-571-85899500
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