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      ABOUT US
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      Hangzhou Dragonpharm Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical service enterprise engaged in development and registration, trading and selling, and promoting domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to the overseas markets in the field of generic drugs, specializing in pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry, active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical preparations and etc.
      Through our continuous efforts in the past 20 years, Hangzhou Dragonpharm Co., Ltd. has cultivated a strong regulatory affairs team that has rich domestic and overseas experience of registration, and that successfully assist domestic pharmaceutical companies to file DMF overseas and to pass the audit by foreign officials for compliance to GMP. Furthermore, the team has also successfully helped overseas firms to import drugs and medical devices and to develop business in China.
      Hangzhou Dragonpharm Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Quality as the core, winning the reputation with integrity, customer satisfaction as orientation, gathering people with services” and has been committed to market development at home and abroad, including:
      Europe: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Hungary, etc.
      CIS region: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.
      Middle East: Syria, Jordan, etc.
      Southeast Asia: Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc.
      Turkey, South America, North Africa and etc.
      We have developed extensive sales networks in the above regions, and have established stable and long-term cooperation with large well-known pharmaceutical companies as well. We have built up a good reputation and favorable corporate identity in the industry. Hangzhou Dragonpharm Co., Ltd. aspires to provide professional services with our concentration, attentiveness, carefulness, patience and perseverance.
      Our Goal and Pursuit:
      Going out and bringing in is what we advocate. Being honest, professional, efficient and win-win is what we insist on. We will closely cooperate with local and foreign enterprises, actively promote drugs of high quality, exploit new markets, concentrate on building a global reach promoting and marketing platform that roots in China and continuously enhance professional competence. Becoming a professional pharmaceutical foreign trade company with sense of mission and feeling of gratitude is our target. Looking forward to establishing extensive cooperation with colleagues in the industry!
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      Room No.:1001, Huahong Mansion No.1 Building 238 Tianmushan Road,Hangzhou, China E-mail:commercial@dragonpharm.com.cn Tel:86-571-85899500
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